3 Fascinating Legendary Places That Very Likely Never Existed


For provided that folks happen to be yammering at one a different, they’ve produced up mythical areas. I’m not talking about otherworldly planes and afterlifes - although there are many these also - I’m speaking about locations, cities, islands, complete regions even which might be stated to exist in our physical, actual globe. Collected below is a list with the ones we come across most fascinating, but make sure to tell us what we missed down inside the comments below!

El Dorado - This South American legend is possibly the most famous city of gold, due to the Disney adaptation on the story, plus the failed British soap opera that applied its name. But it’s also probably the most misinterpreted myth, as El Dorado was in no way a location, but someone. It was apparently the name given to the rulers of Muisca society, who would cover themselves in mythical places in australia gold each morning, and bathe in a sacred lake to wash it off again (the Muisca individuals saw gold as spiritually worthwhile as an alternative to materially useful). But when this legend reached the ears of greedy Spanish conquistadors, all they noted was the abundance of gold…and the story grew to ensure that it was a whole city created of gold rather than a person. The Muisca folks did have amazingly intricate pieces of gold artwork, so looters would not be disappointed, but there was never ever a city referred to as El Dorado that fitted the legend.

Avalon - Arthurian legends contain mention of many mythical locations, including the center of King Arthur’s realm, Camelot. But as good as Camelot is, we’ve usually preferred the legendary island of Avalon. Not just was it the spot exactly where Arthur’s sword Excalibur was forged, however it was also where Arthur was taken right after his battle against Mordred. Whether or not Arthur died there or is simply hanging out, waiting to create his return depends on who you ask.

Garden of Eden - Even though you will find many believers around who see Eden as a sort of metaphor or allegory, you can find plenty much more who see it - the biblical garden exactly where God created mankind and housed some extremely special fruit trees - as completely true. The story shares parallels having a variety of different Middle Eastern and Mediterranean myths and speculation about its true location typically centers about the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, regularly recognized as the cradle of civilization.